Intermission Series

Intermission series are meant to represent what the title speaks. In between several works related to the main theme, Intermission series are created as more like a play or relief, which takes the artist’s mentality away from the main works for a brief moment. Pursuing the extreme level of freedom, it will not be restricted by any limitation, no matter how much visual or conceptual strength they contain.

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Identity Research: Human Relationship

Having been strongly inspired and influenced by an Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, flat images with outlines are the major visual strength of my paintings. Drawing lines of the borders of the objects have been one of my unavoidable habits, I attempted to abandon it, but I have always found myself unconsciously doing it again. Finally, I accepted it and, why not love doing it? I consider this as a part of my instinctive personality.

Compared to the other movements in art history, Art Nouveau artists lasted for a brief moment, because of their extreme, and almost only, love of visual beauty. Even though Mucha’s works gave me great influences and inspirations on the visual aspect of art, I have never stopped seeking for my own ways of visual aesthetics, and seeking efficient ways to incorporate certain concepts that have been drawing my interest dominantly in every painting.

I used oil paints for the sake of the maximum strength and variety of colors. Abandoning one of the greatest strength of the oil paints, their smudging effect, was a hard decision to make, but I still had to use them for other strengths, such as richer colors and the moods they convey. Oil paints create more natural, soft, and emotional colors and feelings that acrylics would hardly create.

All these paintings are categorized under the larger theme, that is, human relationships. As I was thrown into the adult world, I was able to observe much more complicated and emotional relationships happening in every circumstance. Countless numbers of emotions were being mutually transferred between countless numbers of people, and I myself have gone through such chaotic mixtures of emotional interactions. By observing my own and other people’s states of the emotions, I have realized that there were some areas that we share, and some areas that we do not.

Some of my works are about the issues that most people could agree with, but some paintings were too personal that most people could hardly understand. I consider that the agreements are something we can share and form mental links quite easily, and the disagreement is something about my own thoughts that anyone can slowly explore and get to know about my thoughts.


Written in 2011

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